In this fast moving cybernetic environment we exist in, we are forgetting to slowdown, or even to stop for a while to examine our presence. The time we allow ourselves to reconcile with self for adjustment has been taken away. Hunger for instant gratification has become paramount.

Throughout a life time, one comes across by chance or by arrangement a certain energy that aligns with one’s own. Individual components are integrated to form a common energy to focus on how we see the world. This alignment when experienced, yields a state of well-being, comfort and assurance.

The aesthetic and cultural practices in my work are related to my interest in Eastern philosophy, with its expression of serenity and spirituality. It recognizes the important aspect of time known as “the temporal moment”. There is a constant reference to appreciate the realm of “now”, not to focus on obsolete past or the unknown future. In Japanese art, the idea is to manifest the techniques but react intuitively and naturally, hence the result would be “Artless Art”.

I am also influenced by the North American Minimalist movement from the 1970’s. Their concept is in accord with my interest in stripping away any excessiveness and in dealing with the essence of the matter.

These ideas have captured my process of art making. The artworks are meant to be used as “poetic tools” to create a place to rest your soul, and to reflect on personal inner-self.

Akira Yoshikawa